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Caring for our littlest patients

Specific, gentle and natural care for the littlest member of your family

The parents of our young patients are eternally grateful for the changes that their children experience from Chiropractic care.

Many others are fearful of the process because they haven't experienced or observed professional assessment and gentle, specific spinal correction.

I definitely understand the concern of parents and recommend that all parents ask all of their children's health practitioners for clear explanation of the care that they prescribe.

All we do is assess for correct function. Every joint in the body has a natural function that nature intended.

The correction is made with a finger tip and the pressure is only enough to assist the joint to normal function.

How much pressure? Just the right amount Roughly the pressure that you can tolerate on your eye ball with a closed eyelid.

How often? As little as possible. The correction is made in the office but the healing occurs in the body away from the practice.

How can babies have spinal trouble? Easy... They have just experienced one of the most physically traumatic experiences of their lives... Delivery.

The medical professionals are experts and do amazing work to make sure our children come to the world safely but due to uncontrollable circumstances the baby often has to endure very strong forces and stresses on their new bodies.

We love taking care of these gorgeous new souls 😀

All the best, Dr Ian

The trauma from delivery can cause trouble in your babies spine.

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