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The healing power of nature

"Nature itself is the best physician" - Hippocrates (Father of modern medicine.)

Often the cause of many health concerns comes from ignoring our natural instincts.

Naturally the body wants to move, to be nourished, hydrated, to have fresh air and time to rest. This is all so important for true health.

Yet the average modern lifestyle does not prioritise these factors. Instead we stimulate ourselves artificially (caffeine, sugar, alcohol), spend too much time sitting and have artificial light and air.

Your body knows what it needs to heal, it just needs you to help it to do so. Spending some time in nature helps get us back to these natural instincts, our intuition- or our 'inner tuition.' This tutor is wiser than the smartest Doctor on the planet if you just listen to it. This is our innate intelligence. It already knows when to rest, what to eat and how to move. The problem these days is we ignore the whispers of our intuition and don't hear the message until it becomes a loud scream!

Often by this stage it is too late to heal in a simple way. This is how I find many of my patients, crippled over in pain in my office! It's often not just one big incident that caused their problem but many small things from living the wrong way for too long.

To prevent the trauma and pain of 'dis-ease' take some time alone in nature and practice listening to your intuition. What is it telling you? What do you need to stop doing? What do you really need to eat? How do you want to move? Do you need to rest?

Through tuning in to this powerful innate intelligence we can take health back into our own hands and live to our full health potential!

So get out there and say G'day to Mother Nature today! Tell her I say hi!

​All the best in health and happiness, Dr. Ian

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