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What goes through my mind the moment before the adjustment...

I often get asked by Chiropractors and students…. "What goes through your head the moment before you adjust someone?"

Well at this point, I have already found the subluxation.

I have already visualised the listing.

I have already palpated to feel how the vertebrae moves.

I have already studied the exact picture of the subluxation on X-ray

I have already specifically set up and prepared the patient

I have already taken all the care possible to take the most specific contact that I can achieve,

I have completely visualised the exact line of correction and developed a feel for the depth and speed that this correction on this patient will need.

So in the moment before the actual correction, I step out of thought altogether. I completely connect with the patient. I wait for that precise moment where their body is ready for the correction.

There is an exact moment when the vertebra is ready to move and the patient is ready to accept the correction. This is were the years of practice comes in and this component is why the specific Chiropractic adjustment is a life's work.

In this way, I do not perform the adjustment TO the patient, but WITH the patient. In my experience, this is where the magic really happens!

All the best in health and happiness, Dr. Ian

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