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Staying healthy in the colder months

It's the cold season, it's wet, rainy, windy and cold...very cold! It's nicknamed the cold and flu season, but before you go rushing out to purchase the latest pills to avoid 'catching' something, take a moment to think about why people commonly get sick during this period?

Germs, bacteria and viruses are constantly floating around everywhere.

They are on the basket handle that you pick up at the grocery store, the door handle you push, the money you give and receive, the recycled air you breathe in and out on the plane trip you took.

So why is it that some people get sick, whilst others who are exposed to the very same, seem to get through the season untouched? It's because their immune system, their army of defence is working at its best.

A healthy immune system means you can live in harmony with these bacteria and viruses, whilst a weakened immune system allows them to take over your body.

A healthy spine allows for a healthy immune system.

Your spine houses and protects your nervous system. This is made up of your brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that branch off it. Every single part of your body, including your immune system, is controlled by this. So if your spine isn't in correct alignment, it may irritate the control to this delicate system.

Getting your spine checked and maintaining its health is a good place to start to help you get through this season, and all others for that matter.

Mindful eating, the way you think and how much you move also influence your health and ability to get through this season. Stay tuned for more on this in my next articles...

Take care for now.

Dr. Fiona

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