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Our practice

The Chiropractic Excellence team:



We have a very unique and special team. Each person has been hand picked for their role, has a very strong health philosophy and is passionate about what they do. 

We do not see our work here as a 'job' we truly are passionate about helping people achieve 100% of their health potential and we believe everything from our approach at the front desk to the Doctor's specific and honest care helps you towards this potential.

We are very lucky to have such a great team, we are all friends inside and outside the practice and we have a great relationship with our patient community. 

Eric Topcu, DC

Dr. Eric is a very passionate and skilled Gonstead Chiropractor who has been practicing for 21 years.

Having spent time learning with highly esteemed Gonstead chiropractors around the world; Cairns, QLD; London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, UK; Hobro, Denmark; Central Coast and finally Melbourne for the past 11 years at Chiropractic Excellence.

When Eric is away from the practice he loves to spend time with his beautiful wife Michelle and 2 hilarious boys, Leo and Brandon. 

Eric is always up for a chat and laugh with anyone and is a fantastic asset to our team.

Joash Boey, DC

Dr. Joash, a dedicated Gonstead Chiropractor, combines his military experience with his past role as president of the Gonstead Club during his university years.

He approaches his practice with meticulous care and discipline, focusing on precision and thoroughness in every adjustment. This commitment ensures that his patients maintain optimal spinal health and overall well-being.

Dr. Joash is deeply involved in his community, volunteering at his local church and pursuing his interests in fitness, martial arts, and volleyball.
Dr Joash is also able to speak conversational mandarin. 

Our practice:

Our practice is modern, fresh and inviting but with the warmth and comfort of a family lounge room. We only use the best and most modern facilities with high quality instant digital X-rays. We have 4 modern consulting rooms, separate Xray room and two large waiting rooms. There is a children's play area, flat-screen television, health book library and baby change area. We are located just across from Parkdale railway station and are only a short 4 minute walk to the beautiful Parkdale Beach. 

Our Chiropractic Assistants
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Principal Chiropractor
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