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Dr. Ian Rossborough


For over 22 years Dr. Ian Rossborough has worked very closely with the International Gonstead staff, especially the head of the International Gonstead Society; Dr. Alex Cox. Dr. Cox worked alongside Dr. Gonstead (from whom the Gonstead specialty is derived) for over 35 years. Dr. Ian's close affiliation with these Doctors means that the Gonstead adjustment you receive today is just as specific, scientific and honest as it was originally developed and taught.

Today Dr. Ian lectures at many Gonstead seminars across the world, teaching other Chiropractors about Gonstead technique and philosophy. in 2014 Dr. Ian was awarded his fellowship, the highest ranking within the Gonstead Chiropractic community. 

Our Doctors


All of our Doctors regularly attend national and International Gonstead seminars and workshops. They all study Gonstead technique and philosophy at a very advanced level and have been hand picked by Dr. Ian because of their experience and skill. All of our Doctors are continuously fine tuning their technique so as to deliver the very best care to our patients. We hold weekly workshops where we discuss patient cases and go through them together to ensure our patients get the very highest level of Gonstead care. 

Chiropractic Assistants


Our reception staff also frequently attend Gonstead Chiropractic seminars participating in courses constructed specifically for Gonstead Chiropractic Assistants. This means that when you call with a question our staff are specially trained to answer you as they have a very thorough knowledge of health and Chiropractic. All of our staff are also Chiropractic patients so personally understand the affect of an adjustment.  

So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask our staff, they will be more than happy to help you with your query.

At Chiropractic Excellence we will always give the most specific, scientific and honest adjustment, as true to the Gonstead technique. 


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