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What is Gonstead Chiropractic?


The Gonstead System of Chiropractic is a very specific and thorough tecnhique for assessing and correcting the spine. Gonstead Chiropractic is suited to everyone from infants to the elderly.





What can you expect from your Gonstead Chiropractor? 


A Gonstead Chiropractor is a holistic and natural health care provider that cares for YOU – the whole person. Since your nerves are responsible for the correct growth and function of all the different parts of your body, your Gonstead Chiropractor will look primarily to your nervous system for reasons why you are in pain, sickness or dis-ease. Rest assured though, we will also care for foot, ankle, knee, elbow and jaw problems as well!


We are experts in all joint function.

Why choose Gonstead?


Gonstead Chiropractic stays true to the original principle and philosophy of Chiropractic care. Chiropractic has always been an art form combined with the same scientific and researched human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics that all modern health professions follow with specific respect given to the relationship between the skeleton and the nervous system and the body's inborn ability to heal. 


Gonstead identified an efficient way to correct spinal dysfunction whilst respecting the body's natural movements and function. He created a system of assessment and correction that makes the least correction with the greatest result.


All of our Doctors here have dedicated many years to studying the specific, technical and thorough Gonstead approach in order to deliver the most effective adjustment for each individual patient. 




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Who was Clarence Gonstead?

The Gonstead technique is named after its founder; Dr Clarence Gonstead. Dr Gonstead was a mechanical engineer who applied the specific and scientific principles of mechanics to the human body. After much study, refining and practice, the Gonstead technique was born!


Clarence Gonstead’s care was so effective that patients came from all over the world, resulting in his practice having it’s own hotel and airport.


Today we continue his practice in its same honest and original form. Gonstead Chiropractic is honest, specific, non intrusive and highly effective. Therefore we see everyone from 1 day old to over 100 years old with equally great results.

Dr. Ian teaching Chiropractic technique at the International Gonstead Seminar in Japan. 

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